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    We handle projects will all sorts of complexity...
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    Large buildings or small, we provide Window Tint and Film Installation to them all.
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  • Energy and cost saving benefits can be significant
    Energy and cost saving benefits of Window Tinting and Window Films can be significant


Your UK Based Global Commercial Window Film Company and Project Management Experts

Pentagon Protection, a  leader in professional window film installation and project management services at locations around the world, has been solving some of the issues associated with glass in buildings for many clients in both the public and private sector for many years. From enhanced overhead glazing safety using a clear high-tensile strength film and anchoring to solar control film reduced heat and glare or anti-shatter and security film for glass containment  as well as ensuring compliance with Glazing Regulations such as Regulation 14 Health and Safety compliance.

Using the highest quality films in the industry and our highly skilled, experienced window film installation technicians, you can be assured of the very best application, with every installation and the materials used backed by manufacturer’s warranties as well as our own commitment to your satisfaction.

We provide solutions and not simply a product.  Whether you want to reduce heat, resist fading or make your building, business or home safer, more comfortable and secure we have the solution you’re looking for.

We Provide These Window Film Services & Products


  • Commercial Window film installations and Window Tinting
  • Retail Store Enhanced Glass Security and Window Tinting
  • Solar Control Films and the latest Energy Efficient Films
  • Window Film Removal Services
  • Glass Containment Film and Anchoring to provide enhanced safety in the event of spontaneous breakage
  • Security Films
  • Privacy Films
  • Decorative Films
  • Manifestation Graphics
  • Residential (Conservatory) Tinting
Pentagon Protection Global Ltd specialise in the installation of commercial window film throughout the UK and indeed around the globe.  We ensure commercial buildings, offices, schools, retail stores and financial banking organisations are safer, more energy efficient and secure. Using the most advanced technology window film and window tinting products available today we have the right product at the right price to meet your needs.  Pentagon Protection is a global organisation that has installed large scale and complex projects around the world.

With an extensive list of projects throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (MENA), Pentagon Protection is well positioned to service clients and customers in the United Kingdom, the United States and around the globe.

home-install-3Modern buildings are designed to bring in the benefits of the sun and use glass more than ever before to  bring the outdoors inside. Let’s face it, few structural features make a home or building more attractive than windows – letting in the right amount of light beautifies the building while creating a wonderful living and work environment.  But along with the benefits of light come some undesirable characteristics.  Light also brings excess heat and fading while windows can pose a hazard due to broken glass.

Window film can solve these problems by actually enhancing the performance of your windows, letting you keep the benefits while minimizing the disadvantages.

Does your building get too hot at certain times of the day? Solar Heat Control window film is the answer.

Commercial Window Film London
Solar control window film provides you with an immediate and cost-effective solution to solar overheating in your building.  By reducing the solar heat energy coming into your building or home through the glass window films make you more comfortable, can save you energy and can reduce your carbon footprint.  Think about it…if you don’t let the heat in you don’t have to pump it out!

Pentagon Protection uses only the highest quality window films from some of the world’s leading manufacturer’s so that you get a film that looks good, performs well and lasts a long time.

Have air conditioning?

If your building has air conditioning and a lot of glass, solar control window film is a huge energy saver that can massively reduce the costs involved with cooling your building while also reducing the wear and tear on your Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) machinery.

No air conditioning?

Solar control window film can make your home cooler and more comfortable while eliminating those pesky hot spots that occur when the sun is pouring through the glass. Solar Control and Energy Efficient Window Films from Pentagon Protection can help reduce energy costs, and the damaging effects of the sun.

But what is the right window film for your building and your situation?  Selecting the correct solar control window film for the type of glazing is not always straightforward. As window film specialists with an understanding of glass, Pentagon will provide you with the right assistance and guidance to ensure the correct product is specified.

Want to know all the advantages offered by window film?  Learn all the benefits of Window film?  Call the window film professionals at Pentagon Protection Global Ltd.

One answer to carbon reduction.

Window film not only has a part to play in helping to shrink your carbon footprint but also in helping with the latest government mandatory emissions trading scheme, the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).

Anti-terror and Intruder Attack Protection

Although an amazing product, glass can be extremely dangerous when it breaks, with sharp shards a threat to people and property.

Window Security film

The immediately effective solution is the retro-fit application of high-tensile strength Security film from Pentagon Protection. This high quality material has the ability to stretch and absorb making it ideal in the event of blast, intruder attack, vandalism and hurricanes.

An immediate and cost-effective solution to re-glazing.

If you are looking to retain the benefits of glazing without the vulnerability, contact us today to find out how Pentagon Protection can help.

Window film can reduce your Carbon footprint.

The new mandatory emissions trading scheme, the CRC, requires large energy users from both public and private sectors such as retailers, hotel chains, banks and financial institutions, IT and communications companies, local authorities and government agencies, to monitor and report energy use to the Government.

If you are responsible for your business premises and energy consumption, Pentagon can carry out an ‘Energy Use Assessment’ of your building and quantify the savings generated by installing various window films.

If you’d like a energy analysis and survey of your building please contact us.

As a world-leader in the supply and installation of safety film, security film and solar control window film, Pentagon Protection Global Ltd offers sun control window film, safety and security window film, decorative window film and manifestation graphics.  Whatever your window film needs, whether to save energy, reduce your carbon footprint or make your building safer against both natural and man-made threats, Pentagon Protection has the solution for your home or business.

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